Gift vouchers

If you want to give someone a present, gift vouchers are ideal for three reasons:

  • The gift can arrive seconds after you’ve bought it! (Ideal if it has to be there today!)
  • You can ensure that the lucky recipient finds something they really want. Gardeners are especially choosey about plants and it’s easy to get it wrong.
  • Choosing what to get takes no time at all.
Gift vouchers

All you have to do is fill in their details below, write a short message, choose how much you want to spend and when it is to arrive. Then proceed to checkout and we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll email the recipient and they can start shopping.

Click here to see an example of the email that we will send with the Voucher details.

Please note vouchers are only valid for one year from date of delivery and if you want to send gift vouchers to more than one person you should place a separate order for each recipient.

This message will appear in the emailed voucher sent to the recipient (maximum 100 characters including spaces)

Amount ( in £ ) (minimum is £5. maximum £400)